Mandala is Sanskrit for Sacred Circle

A Mandala class is usually set with an intention.  The participant comes with an issue they would like some guidance or insight on, maybe a question on a direction to go in or a way to move forward.  We spend a short time doing a guided meditation from which your insight is derived either in a visual, auditory or other form. This message comes from your subconscious, your insight.  You will then draw on your black paper with colored pencil the message that came through and as you create the layers are peeled away and more information can be gleaned. There are stencils provided you may use to aid in your visual message creation.

Or schedule your own Mandala class!  It can be  one on one to help you gain insight on a specific, personal issue.  Or a small group of friends that would like to experience creating a Mandala for insight and clarity.

Coming to Door County on vacation?  You can schedule a class if there isn’t one on the calendar already.

Dr. Judith Cornell pioneered this technique for healing and insight, not so much about the art.

Class fee: $40 includes art kit with seven prismacolor pencils, gel pen, black paper plus handout (save $5 if you’ve attended a class before and bring your art kit)

All classes will be held at E5511 County T unless otherwise specified. Class size is limited. Please call OR text if you have questions or would like to sign-up. Facilitated by Deanna.

Class Schedule for 2017 is as follows:

The Spring schedule is done but you can schedule a private or small group any time of the year!

Check back for more classes this fall and winter;)